Eat Right, Grow Right


How many sessions will I need before I begin to see results?

That varies with each individual, but generally at least three sessions of 75, 60, and 45 minutes are needed to address your nutritional needs and provide solutions for them. The total cost for these three visits is $375, paid separately after each visit, or $340 when paid in advance ($35 courtesy discount). Of course, you may find that you benefit from additional sessions, and if so, I usually recommended either 30 or 45 minutes once or twice per month.

What can I expect from my first session?

After an extensive review of your health history and lifestyle, I will analyze your food intake to determine whether your current diet is one that just needs to be modified or requires a more thorough redesign. I will measure your weight and percentage body fat, and along with a review of your activity level, determine your optimal intake for protein, carbohydrate, and fat. I will design a flexible meal plan that takes all these factors into account, along with your personal likes and dislikes, any food allergies, and your lifestyle needs.

I will analyze your current vitamin and supplement regimen to see where it can be better tailored for you needs. Almost every individual I work with has benefitted greatly from improvements in their diet combined with their supplement regimen. The benefits will be long-term and will work synergistically other efforts you are making for wellness, anti-aging, fitness, or athletic performance.

Why Pam Schoenfeld RD?

Because I am a registered dietitian, I understand conventional nutritional and medical practices and therapies. However, because I have extensive and ongoing training in holistic nutrition and integrative health, and routinely apply these concepts in my practice, I can bridge the gap between holistic nutrition and the recommendations of your other healthcare providers.

Will I need to take dietary supplements, such as vitamins and minerals?

That is a very common question, and the answer is different for each individual. First and foremost, nutritional health is based on the total diet, and no dietary supplement can make up for a poorly-chosen diet. Yet even with a very good diet, there are often nutrients that are not consumed in adequate amounts to support optimal nutritional health.

Furthermore, some people have greater nutrient needs based on their lifestyle, food restrictions, medications, age, and health status. I believe that well-chosen supplements can be extremely important and will recommend only high-quality

products that are appropriate for your needs. I will never require that you buy any supplement from me, but may recommend a few that are offered only through health professionals, because of superior quality and results attainable.

In addition, many individuals come in already taking supplements that either do nothing to enhance their health or worse yet, actually are detrimental to their health. In these cases, I explain why a supplement should be discontinued, and what if any supplement is to select in its place.What if I have been unable to lose weight successfully in the past?

There is no nutritionist or dietitian that can guarantee that you will lose weight on a certain timetable. Slower weight loss is usually more successful in the long-term. My dietary recommendations will your body become healthier so you are able to reach an ideal weight for your own unique genetics and metabolism. Depending on your age and experience with weight problems, this may take a little longer for some than for others. But I will work with you every step of the way and re-evaluate the course as needed.

I think I might have food allergies. Can you help me with that?

If you have true food allergies, it is best to be seen first by a physician who is an allergy specialist. True food allergies can be life-threatening, and most individuals know quickly which foods they are allergic too, but not always.

On the other hand, if you experience food hypersensitivity reactions, the signs and symptoms are not always easy to tie to the offending food or beverage consumed. The signs can include headache, body aches, gastrointestinal discomfort, sinus congestion, fatigue, and even insomnia. Unfortunately because hypersensitivity reactions to foods can take up to 3 days to occur, it is not always easy to tell which foods are triggering the reaction. I am trained in the interpretation of a state-of-the-art food sensitivity test that involves a simple blood draw. I will work in conjunction with your medical doctor if your symptoms warrant further investigation.

My doctor said I have high cholesterol? Is this a concern for me?

Your doctor is the best judge of whether you are at risk for heart disease or stroke. However, there are other factors besides levels of blood cholesterol that influence your risk for these diseases, factors that I will consider with my evaluation. I will communicate my findings with your physician to determine if the dietary changes I recommend and the results we see over time will help you avoid a medication or reduce a dose of one that you are already taking.