Eat Right, Grow Right


I love working with families – and families to be!  In fact, this is the reason I became a registered dietitian – to help guide parents in feeding their children (and themselves!) for optimal health, growth, and development.

My own experience raising three children taught me that feeding children right is not such an easy thing to do – in fact it can be quite challenging and even frustrating!  Children have innate preferences, but can be guided along the way to help their tastes and choices mature.

If you are raising a child, I am available for your concerns at all stages of their lives.  I have worked with infants through college-age children, on all types of diets, and can address problems such as failure-to-thrive, food allergies and intolerances, digestive problems, selective eaters, disordered eating patterns, overweight/obesity, anemia, nutrition for young athletes, and more. I will help your child and you to choose a well-balanced diet for him or her thrive on.

Getting the right start in life begins even before conception – and ideally I love to see couples when they are preparing for or anticipating pregnancy.  In the first session, I make an assessment of the nutrition status and intake of both parents.  Then I recommend foods and/or nutrient supplements as needed to help balance the diet and fill in any gaps.  Both mother and father-to-be will be assured they are doing their best by following my recommendations, which are supported by both science and by experience.

Finally, if you have any concerns or challenges with fertility, I will work with you to discover and remove any barriers related to nutritional deficits and/or sub-optimal health. I have worked with many women and their partners who have been successful in conceiving and ultimately delivering a healthy baby, once we find and address the nutritional obstacles.