Eat Right, Grow Right

Pediatric & Family Nutritionist in Raleigh, NC

Why make an appointment to meet with Pam Schoenfeld, registered dietitian?
Will her experience and guidance make a difference in your child’s life? 

I believe it will.

It has been scientifically shown that the foods children eat as they grow and mature can have an effect on their health for their entire lives. The dietary patterns you choose for your family can either increase the likelihood of a longer, healthier life, or alternatively, contribute to a higher risk for chronic disease and even a shorter lifespan.

You need accurate knowledge to make informed choices.  I want to share knowledge that will enable you to feel confident that the foods you are choosing for your child are ones he or she can thrive on.

At Eat Right, Grow Right, I have been working as a pediatric and family dietitian since 2011, engaging closely with families in and around Raleigh, North Carolina since 2015. I believe in taking a holistic healing approach to your child’s nutrition and health.  Rather than having a distant, clinical relationship with your family, I want to create a warm, inviting space for learning and growing, guiding and educating you and your child towards a path of healthier living.  Motivating your child, instead of forcing him or her to change his or her eating habits, is very important to me. This promotes happier, healthier lives and better address conditions such a childhood overweight/obesity, restrictive eating patterns, and gastrointestinal problems without creating new concerns.

I provide information that is not only evidence-based, but also experienced-based.  As such, I am more capable of helping individuals create a lifestyle that, in the future, will no longer require my services. Because all foods that are considered healthy are not necessarily appropriate for all children, we will work together to determine which foods will meet the needs of your child while considering any and all food allergies or intolerances.

I will work directly with your child to get him or her on board with a healthy eating pattern. I have found that many children respond best when they are given knowledge and feel they can in some way make their own educated choices. I have taught children as young as 6 years old to understand what their bodies need to grow, why it is important for them to eat healthy, and which foods are best for them. Children can be a challenge, but they are often more receptive to these ideas when they come from an experienced professional like myself.

Your child is the most important thing in the world to you, and your child’s health and well being is my number one priority. Call me and we can discuss how I can guide both you and your child to a better place with a balanced eating plan. The decision to make an appointment with me is something I want you to feel good about.